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- UPDATE                                                                                         10/10/19


  Second announcement for 2019:

Today, we are please to announce we are back in full swing and  90% of

the back log has also been satisfied and delivered.  

We look forward to the start of the new year in our much larger race shop and manufacturing facility. Plus a couple new Dyno Tested products coming soon.

During the transition to the new location we will continue Balancing, building and delivering the world's best Rotating Assemblies we've come to be known for.

In the mean time, keep checking back for the latest updates.

Thank you !


  First announcement of 2019:                                                         02/19/19

3 Years ago on this very day was the last update made on our website.

Life and priorities forced a temporary focus outside CLR Motorsports.

Operating only part time, kept the doors open taking care of only race

 customers as best as time permitted, while delivering and maintaining the very best products quality the "CLR" brand is known for.


Thank you for your time and patronage. Please stay tuned !



- UPDATE                                                                                        02/19/16     

As you all know, Pro Racing is our main line of business.

We provide engines to many race teams world wide. 

We've been receiving daily emails asking what is happening, and why there's been no further updates.

The start of the Racing season is upon us, and we have been very busy building engines and delivering contract work. 

We will continue again with the Rx-8 REW Hybrid project immediately after these commitments are all met, within the next 3 weeks.

We are very close to having a running the Demo car, and as with all prior stages of development, we will post videos as we test drive and tune the car.

Last :  We're finally getting around working out a prices of both the complete Kit, as well as individual components for the DYS crowd.    Thank you and stay tuned !

-UPDATE:                                                                                       12/10/15

Big announcement:  Today we trial fitted a Borg Warner 8374 EFR on our

REN/REW Hybrid project, and we are ecstatic to confirm that this Jewel of a

Turbo, for those looking to build a seriously powered Rx-8 "does" fit with no

issues or obstructions what so ever,  when bolted to the Exhaust Manifold we

are now making.  ...  Pictures  uploaded on the Rx-8's project pg.


- UPDATE:                                                                                        12/04/15

Turbocharger installed and located with room to spare.  ...  Zero interference. 

More info on  Rx-8's pg.  under "Projects"  ...   Video coming shortly !


- UPDATE:                                                                                        11/25/15

 Major step forward with the Rx-8 / REW project !   The real RENESIS / REW Hybrid engine is already installed in Demo car. Everything has come together as planned. Fabrication of motor mount will be dealt with this coming week.  Once

the motor mount is completed and a jig built for production purposes, we will commence taking orders for REW engine bolt-in kits.  A new video (Part 9) has been uploaded.  Following, we'll continue with the Turbo fitment, plumbing, electrical, then after finish off the complete engine swap to a running Demo Rx-8.   A price list of individual components, and complete installation "Kit" will be published shortly soon as motor mount is done and ready for production.

* To view video, go to "Projects" pg, and click on Rx-8.    


Wishing everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving !


* Some new changes !      
(News !) page. Bringing & posting weekly updates and latest developments. 

Additionally, new drop down links below "Projects" on the blue navigation bar

addressing specific topics of interest, now in process of uploading. Keep checking!


​​- UPDATE :                                                                                          11/21/15    

The CLR Motorsports Store  is now open.  Expanding a new product line of  

proven upgrades on the product's link page.  Check back as new products are 

added !!!


- UPDATE :                                                                                          11/20/15

Race season finally over,  A stellar ending to a break out year ! 

​Commencing 11/23/15, We'll continue with the RX-8 RENESIS/ REW Hybrid Project. Stay tuned for latest developments, and final videos of running Demo.


​- UPDATE :                                                                                         1 1/03/15

We've made some changes  ....     

Added this new tab (News !) were we'll now bring you weekly updates !

Also a few more links and categories as drop down menus on the blue Nav bar

Check back often for updates.


​- Rx-8 RENESIS/ REW Hybrid project :

Beginning November 23, 2015 our Rx-8/ REW Hybrid program will continue.

We'll pick up where we left off over a month ago.  Will continue posting developments and new videos as we move forward to completion !