Latest update:                        12/04/15

Our "Renesis/REW Hybrid"  engine for the Rx8 project is DONE and the real engine installed in the car.  ...

Block was built back in 9/27,  All components to do with the integration of the Rx8's Renesis

ancillaries are currently fitted, tested and checked for interference.  As of this writing, everything is in place and we are very happy to report nothing is in the way of the Turbo, with PLENTY of room to fit even the largest of  T0-4 Frame Turbos.

During our R&D, We tried every possible combination of OEM Exhaust Manifolds and Turbine Housings bored to accept larger, more efficient Turbos like the Holset line of Hx-35/40  that we've used very successfully in other vehicles like our13b REW  Turbo Miata Demo car, but ran into clearance issues with the OMP's  position sensor sitting too close to the Compressor Housing, while partially blocking the inlet to fit

a proper Air filter.

See illustration below:

Inlet obstruction visible when using          No  obstruction with OMP

S4 Housing and Manifold                          using CLR Exhaust Manifold.

While this situation is not an issue in terms of performance as there is plenty of room for a mesh screen,  (many enthusiast run no filter for minimum  restriction at the Turbo inlet).   We felt this interference fell short of the true essence of an OEM quality installation we have strived  for.


Moving forward,  the solution is to build our own custom Exhaust Manifold propriatery to this particular application and take full advantage of all the available space for the Turbo.  Came up with a design that places the Turbo correctly and will accept the largest of any T-3 or T04  currently available, including the largest

BW- EFR 9180  with room to spare.  

See illustration below.

   4" Down Pipe discharge on               3" Down Pipe on bored out

   Holset  HE 451cw  with room             S4 Turbine Housing using

   to spare.                                                           Holset Hx 35/40 

In keeping with the original concept of low cost vs. performance per Dollar spent, the Turbo currently fitted is the "Bad Boy" of all medium frame Holsets.  The He 451cw with a large open T-3 Housing, just like the famed BW-EFR line.

While you will need our custom made CLR Exhaust Manifold for these larger frame Turbos,  you will not need to have the Turbine Housing

bored to accept the HX35 cartridge, saving on machining costs and production delays.   As a bonus, the HE 451 comes with a 4 inch "V" band

Down Pipe discharge flange.  

This Turbo is physically slightly larger than the largest Borg Warner 9180 EFR. 

So Everyone will now have the option and choice to use whichever Turbo you want or can get your hands on !

Our custom Exhaust Manifold for the REN/REW

Rx-8 Project will come with both T-3 & T04 bolt patterns on the Turbine's inlet flange.


We wish to thank everyone who's expressed interest in this project!  It's been overwhelming keeping up with all the inquiries and  emails we receive daily from all corners of the world.

- We will keep updating regularly as we get closer to a finished,  "State of the Art"  product.

- Pricing and availability will be published on this website

Once we have the motor mount finished and ready for production, we'll begin taking orders for the first production run of  "bolt-in"  Kits.

If you would like to be put on the waiting list, please go to the contacts page and provide your name, address and phone number together with a description of what you currently have and what you will need. We will contact you when we are ready to start taking orders.   Thanks

-  Staff @ CLR Motorsports Llc.


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Part 9

CLR's  Renesis/REW Hybrid 13b


Borg Warner EFR 9180 bolted

to CLR Rx-8 Exhaust Manifold

     Clean fit. No interference.

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